VTS – Vessel Traffic Service

VTS is a vessel traffic service designed to improve maritime safety, promote smooth and efficient maritime traffic, and prevent accidents and the potential environmental harm they may cause.

Vessels with a length of 24 metres or more are obligated to use the service.

In Finland the service is maintained by the Vessel Traffic Services Finland Ltd (VTS Finland). There are three VTS centres, located in Helsinki, Turku and Lappeenranta.

The VTS Centres’ vessel traffic controllers monitor vessel traffic and maintain a real-time picture of the traffic situation. Vessels are provided with information about factors such as traffic, the condition of routes and safety equipment in the VTS area, accessibility and other factors affecting the safe passage of vessels.

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Helsinki VTS Master's Guide

Vessel Traffic Services Finland Ltd contact information

Gulf of Finland VTS Centre
Tel.+358 020 448 5391