Access Permits at Vuosaari Harbour

Traffic into the closed harbour area at Vuosaari enters via either Gate A (lorries, tankers and waste collection vehicles) or Gate B (vans and cars).

A valid access permit is required for vehicles transporting freight to be able to access Vuosaari’s harbour area.

Vehicle access permits are provided by the port operator the vehicle is visiting.

Vessel maintenance traffic and passenger traffic also require pre-acquired permits to access the closed harbour area.

Access permits for freight traffic

Normally, vehicle access permits are granted automatically based on the information provided in a terminal notification. If a terminal notification is not submitted in advance, the vehicle will be directed to the Gatehouse building located in the gate area upon arrival, where an access permit can be issued at the harbour operator’s service point.

A number of depot operators specialising in renting out empty cargo containers also operate in the closed harbour area in Vuosaari Harbour Centre. To access their facilities a valid access permit is required, and this can be acquired in advance from the operator in question, or alternatively from the operators’ service points on the lower floor of the Gatehouse, located in the harbour’s gate area. 

Special transports

A separate special transports guide for vehicles arriving in and leaving Vuosaari Harbour Centre for special transport purposes has been drawn up, covering matters such as:

  • Routes to the harbour’s gate area for special transports,
  • Access authorisation matters for special transports.

Vessel maintenance traffic and goods deliveries

Vessels moored at the quays are located within the areas managed by the harbour operators. Harbour operators are responsible for traffic in their own area, and they grant access permits to operators (e.g. commercial operators visiting the vessels) they wish to be allowed access to the area.

Vessel maintenance traffic in this context refers to all servicing and maintenance traffic travelling to vessels, goods traffic travelling to the vessels and commercial operators visiting vessels, in the harbour area.

Maintenance traffic travelling to vessels enters via either Gate A (lorries, tankers and waste collection vehicles) or Gate B (vans and cars). Vehicles moving around the area must have a valid access permit, applied for in advance, which can be acquired through the shipping agent.

For those entering through Gate A, access permits for Finnsteve’s operations area are issued by the operator itself. Access permits for Steveco’s and Multi Link Terminals’ areas are primarily granted by the shipping agent clearing the ship in question.

Completion of the safety induction is a prerequisite for the issuing of an access permit.

Perform the driver's safety induction here.

Passenger traffic access permits for the closed harbour area

An access permit, which must have been acquired in advance, is required for passenger traffic in Vuosaari Harbour’s closed harbour area.

Walking, cycling and use of taxis in the area is prohibited. 

Service provider transports passengers as well as crew memebers from Hansa Terminal to the vessels.  

Freight and passenger traffic access permits are granted by the following operators:

Arctic Container
Tel. +358 407185996

Tel. +358 (0)10 565 6388

[email protected] 
Tel. +358 (0) 40 809 8409 (supervision on duty)

Steveco Container coordinators
Tel. +358 (0)44 232 3754

Steveco’s subcontractors
Jani Ylämäki 
Tel. +358 44 232 3758

Port of Helsinki Ltd, Vuosaari Harbour
Terminal Manager Petri Jäntti
Tel. +358 (0)9 310 33679