Responsibility at the Port of Helsinki

The important goal of responsible operations at the Port of Helsinki is to be a pioneer in sustainable port operations. The goal has been set high, and work is done systematically to reach it. 

The key aspects of the port’s responsibility management model are financial, social and environmental responsibility

The key aspects of the port’s responsibility management model are environmental, social and financial responsibility. Everyday management decisions are considered from a financial, social and ethical point of view, taking the company’s stakeholders into account. 

The Port has a sustainable development team that develops and implements responsible port operations together with other departments, and it also has a certified operating system that fulfils the requirements of standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The Port of Helsinki reports on the achievement of its responsibility and sustainable development goals as a part of its annual reporting.


Carbon-neutral Port of Helsinki Manifestation

Targets and measures to achieve them:

A 25 per cent reduction in vessel emissions by the year 2030.
›    Shore power capabilities for several berths
›    Making alternative fuels available at Helsinki ports
›    The continued development of an environmental programme targeted at ships

A 60 per cent reduction in emissions from heavy goods vehicles by 2030.
›    Minimising the use of transport vehicles at ports
›    Introducing incentives to use low-emission vehicles

A 60 per cent reduction in emissions from work machines used in the harbour area by 2030.
›    Enabling the electrification of work machine infrastructure
›    Encouraging the use of biofuels

The Port of Helsinki should be carbon neutral in terms of its own emissions by 2025.
›    Minimising the Port’s energy consumption by modernising heating, installing LED lighting, and increasing the use of solar panels
›    Acquiring necessary energy from carbon-free sources 
›    Helping to lower subcontractors’ carbon footprints via procurement

Port of Helsinki - one step ahead for sustainability

Since the making of this video, the target date for Port of Helsinki’s carbon neutrality has been moved forward to the year 2025.