The sharpest growth in cargo traffic slowed down in September

24.10.2022 10:14:19
Kolme alusta laiturissa satamassa.

The volume of cargo transported by ship via Helsinki in January–September was almost 8% higher than the previous year, although the sharpest growth was showing signs of slowing down in September. Liner traffic had just over 6 million ship passengers, and the 2022 international cruise season saw moderate passenger numbers.   

The total volume of cargo transported through the Port of Helsinki in January–September was 11.4 million tonnes. Of this amount, 5.4 million tonnes was in import (+12%), and 5.9 million tonnes in export (+3%).

The amount of unitised cargo traffic* was 9.6 million tonnes (+6%). Measured in tonnes, container traffic gained 1.5% on the previous year and rubber-wheeled traffic** just over 8%.  

In the Port of Helsinki, cargo traffic has developed very positively, even though the general economic outlook has weakened and economists predict that the boom in the Finnish economy will gradually fade. 

A renewed interest in ship travel

Ship travel remains below pre-pandemic levels but is clearly higher than the previous year (+156%).

The number of liner traffic passengers in Helsinki in January–September was just over 6 million. 
Almost 80% of the passengers travelled between Helsinki and Tallinn (4.8 million). The route between Stockholm and Helsinki was the second most popular, with just over one million passengers. 

LINER TRAFFIC January–September 2022
Mariehamn     32 459
St. Petersburg 0
Tallinn 4 771 081
Travemünde     122 247
Stockholm     1 050 131
Other 29 758
Passengers in total 6 005 676

The international cruise season started in mid-April and ended on 9 October. During the season, a total of more than 161,000 cruise passengers came to experience Helsinki and the metropolitan area. The highest numbers of passengers came from Germany (37%), the USA (21%), the UK (17%) and Italy (3%). There were 164 vessel calls, 25 of which included an overnight stay in Helsinki.

 *Most of the goods transported via the Port of Helsinki are unitised cargo for Finland’s foreign trade, i.e. cargo transported in containers, trucks and trailers.
**Rubber-wheeled traffic = goods transported in trucks and trailers.

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