Updated info: The COVID 19 impact on port of Helsinki

17.6.2021 11:05:00

Cargo traffic operations are continuing strong, even though the covid 19 has had a strong impact on the passenger traffic. Port of Helsinki Ltd is doing everything it can to ensure the continuity of the operations. 

Southern Finland's regional state administrative agency (AVI) announced 17 March 2021 that passengers arriving to Finland from risk countries will be subject to a compulsory health check at the border. As a part of the check, a coronavirus test may also be carried out. The compulsory checks will be in place until 3 June 2021.

The Finnish Government tightened border traffic and the recommendations on testing and quarantine from 27 January onward. The aim is to prevent the re-escalation of the growth of the COVID-19 epidemic and the spread of the COVID-19 variant in Finland. 

Border control will be continued until 11 July. Entry into the country based on employment will be restricted to essential duties. Certain special groups are permitted to enter the country. Quarantine recommendation will be reintroduced to border crossings. 

From 23 Feb on the shipping companies require a negative COVID - 19 test result or a medical  certificate of a past  COVID- 19 disease (max 6 months old).

Finnish citizens have the right to enter and leave the country unless their right to free travel has been restricted.

Restrictions on entry into Finland from EU and Schengen countries to be eased from 21 June

Starting on 21 June, entry into Finland based on employment will be allowed in all modes of transport from EU or Schengen countries.
In addition, entry into Finland from EU or Schengen countries will also be permitted if the person has a certificate of a completed COVID-19 vaccination series received before arriving in Finland or a certificate stating that they have recovered from COVID-19 less than six months ago.  

This means that, under these conditions, recreational travel to Finland will also be permitted.

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The instructions for border traffic issued by the Border Guard  
Questions concerning border traffic   

Passenger harbours

Both ports and shipping companies are prepared for safe passenger traffic in many ways. We are working in close cooperation with the authorities to ensure that traffic is safe. Passengers should also familiarise themselves with instructions issued by the authorities and comply with the hygiene and health regulations put in place by the authorities.

Terminal Open  Closed
West Terminal 2 x  
West Terminal 1   x
Olympia Terminal x  
Makasiini Terminal   x
Katajanokka Terminal x  
Hansa Terminal x  

Tram 5 drives to the Katajanokka Terminal. For more information, read the HSLrelease

Test and advice points

The City of Helsinki's Social Services and Healthcare and HUS (Helsinki University Hospital) direct all the arriving passengers to the health advice points and coronavirus test points.

The terminals of West Harbour, Katajanokka and Vuosaari have received new coronavirus test points on 27 January by Helsinki Social Services and Healthcare. The test points for car passengers have also been introduced since 9 February. The terminals also offer enhanced coronavirus advice. Testing and advice is available to all passengers arriving to Helsinki by sea. 

Passengers arriving to Helsinki will need to present a certificate of a Covid-19 infection that has taken place within the last six months, a negative test result (the test must be at most 72 hours old) or proof of having received one or two COVID-19 vaccinations (at least 2 weeks after the last vaccination),

A voluntary 14-day quarantine is recommended to all passengers arriving in Finland from countries where the coronavirus incidence exceeds 25 per 100,000 people measured over two weeks.

The voluntary quarantine can be shortened by taking two tests. Passengers without any of the certificates mentioned above will be guided to take their first coronavirus test in the harbour. The second test can be taken at the earliest 72 hours after the first one. If the passenger does not take their first coronavirus test in the harbour, they must seek out testing in Finland at their place of stay or residence within a day from their arrival in the country. The passenger must continue the voluntary quarantine until both test results are ready and have been proven negative.

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Read more about coronavirus test points here. 

FINENTRY makes it easier to travel to Finland

FINENTRY is a digital service that makes it easier to travel to Finland and manage the coronavirus testing that may be required for entry. 

FINENTRY  enables you to:
•    make an appointment for a coronavirus test in Finland
•    get instructions for arriving at your test via SMS
•    get your coronavirus test result via SMS.

Read more about FINENTRY: https://www.finentry.fi/en/ 

Travelling to Estonia?

Check out the instructions for entry:
Travelling and border-crossing    
The Health Board’s self-service portal

Coronavirus information by the shipping companies:

Details on travelling need to be checked directly on shipping company’s website.

Traffic at Vuosaari Harbour 

Traffic at the Vuosaari Harbour continues normally with the exception of:

  • Sea Wind, operating the route between Vuosaari and Muuga, not taking on any passengers for the time being. 
  • Finbo Cargo transports passengers and cargo from the port of Vuosaari to the port of Muuga. (On Saturdays at 10 am departures are driven to Tallinn Terminal A.)

Vuosaari Harbour real-time situational status:

Vuosaari Harbour Today

Traffic statistics

The passenger traffic has practically stopped and the state of emergency can also be seen at the amount of cargo traffic. 

•    Port of Helsinki traffic statistics are published once a month.

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Inquiries concerning restrictions on ship traffic, please contact the Prime Minister’s Office.

service for media, office hours: tel. 040 5065280
outside office hours: tel. 050 354 3616

Published March 18, 2020. Last updated 17 June 2021: Restrictions on entry into Finland from EU and Schengen countries to be eased from 21 June