From 4 October onwards parking at Olympiaparkki car park can only be booked online – prices will be reduced by 15%

29.9.2022 10:00:18
Signposts to Stockholm and Olympiaparkki.

The concept of the Olympiaparkki car park in the Port of Helsinki’s Olympia Terminal will change – in the future, parking spaces can only be booked in advance online, offering ship passengers smoother traveling experience and peace of mind. The price of parking will also be reduced to encourage passengers to try the service. Also electric vehicle charging points are available. 

The Olympia Terminal in the South Harbour offers a daily passenger ship connection to Stockholm. The ships operating at the terminal are M/S Symphony and M/S Serenade operated by Silja Line. The Olympiaparkki car park is on the ground floor of the terminal building to make parking and departing as smooth as possible. Starting from 4 October, the parking spaces need to be booked in advance online at

“People have often asked whether it would also be possible to book a parking space in advance in Olympiaparkki, similar to how it works in Satamaparkkitalo in the West Harbour. Now their requests will be met,” says the Port of Helsinki’s Head of Passenger Services and Property Development, Marika Pauli
“The Olympiaparkki car park offers ship passengers the possibility to leave their car in the terminal’s own car park during their trip. However, there are only spaces for 73 vehicles, so it is not a very large car park, and there is demand for more spaces during the peak travelling season. The advance booking system that will be taken into use brings peace of mind to passengers: when booking a parking space, they can be sure that there is enough room for their car, and they do not need to think about where they can find a parking space.”

“Automatic recognition of license plates is utilised in the car park when driving in. A passenger with an advance booking can drive directly to the car park to a free space of their choice, and they do not need to show any tickets or such when driving out, either,” Pauli says, explaining the smooth practices in place in the car park. 

A renovation improving the energy efficiency, comfort and service design of the car park was just completed. At the same time, nine spaces for electric vehicles were commissioned, allowing for charging vehicles with renewable energy. Customers need the Virta application for charging their vehicles, and the charging can be started with either the Helen or Virta charging account. 
“In addition to basic parking we have also parking spaces with charging points for electric cars ¬– you can charge your car during  the sea voyage.”

Green signpost with a letter D and a picture of an electric plug.
Charging stations for electric vehicles are in the D section of Olympiaparkki. The nine charging stations use renewable energy.

“We hope that the passengers will get to know our services and will receive positive experiences,” Pauli says.
“When we introduce the advance booking system, we will also lower the parking prices in the Olympiaparkki car park by 15% compared to before to make it more attractive.

Olympiaparkki offers a 47-hour parking service, which is perfect for Stockholm cruise passengers. It is also easy to add extra days if you decide to extend your trip. Going on a cruise is easy when you book your parking service well in advance!


The operative parking partner is Aimo Park, which manages the daily operations. Changes to bookings has to be made at latest 12 hours before the start of parking. For more information you can contact  
Aimo Park’s customer support:
tel. +358 (0)207 812 461

If Olympiaparkki is fully booked long-term paid parking spaces are available in Makasiini Terminal P2. It is about 500 metres away from Olympia Terminal. 
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