Carbon-neutral Port of Helsinki 2035 Manifestation

Targets and measures to achieve them:

A 25 per cent reduction in vessel emissions.
›    Shore power capabilities for nine berths
›    Making alternative fuels available at Helsinki ports
›    The continued development of an environmental programme targeted at ships

A 60 per cent reduction in emissions from heavy goods vehicles.
›    Minimising the use of transport vehicles at ports
›    Introducing incentives to use low-emission vehicles

A 60 per cent reduction in emissions from work machines used in the harbour area.
›    Enabling the electrification of work machine infrastructure
›    Encouraging the use of biofuels

The Port of Helsinki should be carbon neutral in terms of its own emissions by 2035.
›    Minimising the Port’s energy consumption by modernising heating, installing LED lighting, and increasing the use of solar panels
›    Acquiring necessary energy from carbon-free sources 
›    Helping to lower subcontractors’ carbon footprints via procurement