Pioneer in sustainable port operations

The Port of Helsinki operates as a traffic hub at the meeting point of the marine environment and the city. Our goal is to be a pioneer in sustainable port operations. We have set our goal high, and we strive towards it consistently and meticulously. The key aspects of port corporate responsibility are financial, social and environmental responsibility.

The Port has a certified operating system that fulfils the requirements of standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Making the port carbon-neutral by 2035

Together with its owner, City of Helsinki, the Port of Helsinki is committed to implementing the Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan. 

The objectives of the carbon-neutral programme of the port are:

  • To make the operations of the Port of Helsinki 100% carbon-neutral by 2035 . The energy efficiency of lighting and heating, in particular, must be improved further. We must reduce consumption and what we must consume, we must produce entirely by sustainable means.
  • To reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2035 compared to the current situation. The Port of Helsinki will support its customers and interest groups operating in the port in adopting more eco-friendly operating methods and technologies. 
  • To reduce carbon emissions from vessels in the port and in the water areas of the port by 25% by 2035.

The programme, which operates on a tangible level, contains dozens of different measures to promote carbon-neutrality. Decisive implementation of the programme is a joint effort by the entire Port of Helsinki.

Environmentally sustainable partnership

The Port of Helsinki is managing and minimising the environmental impact of port operations. All harbours in Helsinki have environmental permits, which steer their operations in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act. The permits regulate noise and emissions levels and waste management, and they define the obligations to report on and monitor the environmental impacts of operations. Anyone operating in the port area must comply with the permit conditions. 

We have, however, set our goal beyond the requirements of the law. The Port of Helsinki supports the business operations of its customers, subcontractors and interest groups when they promote sustainable development. 

We engage in active cooperation in environmental matters with both Finnish and international partners. Together we achieve results that are both better and more comprehensive from an environmental perspective!

Reaching the goals for sustainable development and corporate responsibility are reported with the Port of Helsinki Annual Report.

Annual Report 2020


Annual Report 2019


Annual Report 2018