ATM (1. floor)

The Bittimaatti Bitcoin ATM (1. floor)
Allows you to buy Bitcoin with cash. You´ll get the bitcoins immediately.

e-Taxfree is open when the ship to St. Petersburg is in the harbour

Luggage lockers
maintenance tel. +358 50 568 1755
Small locker 3 €/ for each day or part thereof and big 4 €/ for each day or part thereof, max 7 days.

Big locker: 45 cm wide, 60 cm high and 90 cm deep.
Small locker: 24 cm wide, 24 cm high and 77 cm deep.

Chargeable Internet + phone (1.floor)

HSL ticket machine (1.floor)
You can buy single tickets and day tickets for 1 - 7 days, as well as load your Travel Card.

Finland’s found property service

Passengers requiring assistance

West Terminal 1: Other services