Vuosaari Harbour expansion

The development programme supports the growth of cargo traffic at Vuosaari Harbour. While the operations of Helsinki’s city centre harbours are being centralised, planning is already underway on the expansion of the Vuosaari Harbour field, which is set to begin in 2028.

The cost-effective and disturbance-free flow of Finnish export and business transports abroad secures the success of our small nation.

Vuosaari Harbour will be developed for the needs of cargo traffic in particular, and therefore the harbour area will be increased. The sea fill area of approx. six hectares will bring additional space for cargo and car passenger traffic. 

Vuosaari will continue to be the main international trading port

The Port of Helsinki is the main international trading port in Finland, and it will continue to specialise in unitized cargo, i.e. containers, trucks and trailers. 

In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Vuosaari Harbour also plays a significant role in the routes of special deliveries, for example. Some passenger traffic to Germany and Estonia also takes place via Vuosaari.

  • Vuosaari Harbour is located at the heart of the Finnish population, production and consumption.
  • The harbour is accessible by highways and a railway.
  • A very good deep-water fairway leads to the harbour.
  • Helsinki Airport is nearby.
  • Import and export are balanced.
  • Several harbour operators operate at the harbour area offering a wide range of logistics services.