14.12.2017 12:52:09 //

Viking FSTR carried over 400,000 passengers

This year, Viking Line responded to ever-increasing travel between Helsinki and Tallinn by launching a new catamaran: Viking FSTR. 

The vessel carried over 400,000 passengers between 10 April and 16 October 2017.

In the spring and autumn, four to six services were run using Viking FSTR in addition to the four services run using Viking XPRS A total of up to 12 services per day were provided during July.

Viking FSTR takes an hour and 45 minutes to travel from Helsinki to Tallinn. The catamaran has space for about 850 passengers and 120 vehicles.

No decision has yet been made on Viking FSTR’s timetable for next summer.

Viking FSTR added extra services between Helsinki and Tallinn last summer.