1.6.2022 07:00:00 //
Kari Martiala
Kaupo Kalda

Taking your car on holiday is this summer’s trend

“Taking your car on holiday is going to be a trend this summer,” says Ida Toikka-Everi, Marketing and Communications Director at Eckerö Line.

Travelling by car requires smooth traffic and check-in services in the terminal areas of both the West Harbour and Vuosaari Harbour, out of which the company’s second ship (Finbo Cargo) operates.

“Customers expect hassle-free service both at the terminal and onboard ship, as well as a comprehensive selection of stores and good food. The smoothness, comfort and efficiency of all these services enables a good customer experience,” says Ida Toikka-Everi, Marketing and Communications Director at Eckerö Line.

Local tourism will also be increasingly important. Finns will visit countries they consider to be safe.

“Finns have started to travel in significantly increasing numbers since February. 2019 levels were already reached in April. By summer at the latest, we’ll see how tourism from European countries to Finland is developing, and how safe Finland and Estonia are perceived to be,” says Toikka-Everi.

“One clear consequence of the uncertainty people experienced during the coronavirus pandemic is that they’re now booking trips at the very last minute. All in all, it seems that people are happy to have the freedom to travel again.”

Most of the travel between Finland and Estonia is not related to tourism.

“Millions of work-related journeys are made every year between our two countries. This customer base is very important to us, and we’re also developing our services to meet the needs of this segment,” says Toikka-Everi.

Eckerö Line has been voted Finland’s ninth-best place to work in the major companies category. Even after these difficult years, personnel still find Eckerö Line a great place to work.

“The pandemic taught us to take a calm approach to the future: anything can happen, but the world will keep turning, people will move on, and everything will sort itself out,” says Toikka-Everi.