14.12.2020 15:55:06 //
Mia Weckström

Port of Helsinki introduces 5G network

In cooperation with Elisa, the Port of Helsinki is one of the first Finnish companies to introduce a 5G network for ship passengers at the West Harbour. 

The Port of Helsinki’s 5G network is currently available inside West Terminal 2 and in the harbour’s outdoor areas. 

5G technology enables the harbour area to offer mobile network connections that are ten times faster than before. Fast data connections make for an even more enjoyable travel experience, as passengers can use the time they spend waiting in the terminal for either work or entertainment.

“The 5G mobile network has primarily been built with our passengers in mind, but partners operating in the area can also benefit from better connections,” says Pekka Meronen, Vice President, Finance, ICT and Development at the Port of Helsinki.

The Port of Helsinki is currently using its experiences at the West Harbour to assess the need for 5G and its implementation at its other passenger harbours and for shipping companies.