9.6.2020 17:00:53 //
Kari Martiala
Liang Zhang

New, environmen­tally friendly construction at harbours

Vuosaari’s quay structure was extended a year ago when Eckerö Line’s Finbo Cargo started operating.

Finnlines’ new vessels will now require alterations to the harbour’s stern ramps, and these will be made next year.

“Finnlines’ new ro-ro ships are so massive that even certain structures at Vuosaari Harbour are starting to get a bit narrow for them – even though the harbour is only ten years old,” says the Port of Helsinki’s Technical Director Pekka Hellström.

Finnlines’ three new ro-ro ships are being built at the Jinling Shipyard in Shanghai. The first in the series will be handed over in 2021, while the remaining two are scheduled for completion during 2022.

Steel cutting for the first ship will begin on 8 June 2020.

“There will also be another new project at the West Harbour, whose quays will be getting a shore power system for vessels in 2021.” 

“In Vuosaari, solar power plants will be built on the roof of the Customs buildings, which are owned by the Port of Helsinki. And likewise on the roof of T2 in the West Harbour. We’re taking huge leaps forward in our programme for a sustainable, carbon-neutral port in the form of shore power and solar power plants.”

A new check-in area for passengers is currently being built on the western side of Vuosaari Harbour. Construction is also underway on a border inspection building for the Finnish Food Safety Authority. This building will be erected next to the Customs area and is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.