20.12.2020 21:17:55 //
Kari Martiala
Loviisan Satama Oy

New chemical terminal in Loviisa

The Port of Loviisa is planning a major new terminal project in anticipation of clear growth. “This will open up entirely new possibilities for transporting liquids, and a significant volume of this kind of traffic will pass through the port,” says Tiina Vepsäläinen, Managing Director of the Port of Loviisa.

Port of Loviisa Ltd and AlfaTerminal Ltd have signed a letter of intent on the construction of a new terminal area. The planned terminal area would be located in the southern section of the port and cover about two hectares.

AlfaTerminal intends to build a new chemical terminal there. Substantial volumes of different kinds of liquid products – mainly petrochemical products, biofuels and other chemicals – would be transported through the terminal each year. All modes of transport available at the port would be utilised: rail, sea and road. Customer negotiations for the terminal are already ongoing.

“We’ve consistently sought to enhance our services and evolve into an ever-more versatile and flexible port,” says Tiina Vepsäläinen, Managing Director of the Port of Loviisa. 

“We’re providing our customer AlfaTerminal with an excellent opportunity to establish a state-of-the-art chemical terminal in a great location with good transport connections.”

AlfaTerminal has already started the design work for the terminal and an environmental impact assessment is being started up. The company expects the terminal to be completed in 2023. In the first phase of construction, it would be located in the fill area specified in the currently valid water permit held by Port of Loviisa Ltd. The second phase of construction would require a new water permit process. According to the company, the terminal will harness environmental safety and energy-efficiency solutions enabled by cutting-edge technology. The new terminal will also have an impact on employment in the area, although no exact estimate is available yet.

“The permit process will, of course, take time and the eventual completion date will only become apparent along the way,” says Vepsäläinen.

“The permit process will give us the framework for the project in terms of, for example, the schedule. This is a large-scale project for us, and establishing such a large, modern terminal is also a major undertaking for AlfaTerminal. As we’re establishing an entirely new terminal, we’ll be able to use the latest technology and many modern solutions.” 

AlfaTerminal is based in Loviisa and the company is owned by Finnish companies and private persons. Its founders have backgrounds in entrepreneurship and administration, and many years of experience in construction, finance and foreign trade in oil and petrochemical products.

The Port of Loviisa specialises in bulk and breakbulk cargoes. Industrial raw materials such as anthracite and cement, mechanical forest industry products and circular economy products are transported through the port. It is also the major port for grain products in Eastern Finland.