6.5.2015 10:10:51

Neste’s Lotus Will Bunker Low-sulphur Fuel in Helsinki

Neste Oil’s M/T Lotus will offer bunkering of low-sulphur fuel at Helsinki’s three ports, i.e. the South Harbour, the West Harbour and the Vuosaari Harbour. The vessel chartered from Swedish Sirius Shipping is specialised in ship-to-ship bunkering.

Lotus will supply medium distillate gasoil containing less than 0.1 percent of sulphur, i.e. marine diesel oil (MDO).

M/T Lotus is an almost 90-metre long double-hulled tanker with a capacity of 4,400 cubic metres. The tanker meets the requirements of medium winter conditions with its 1B ice class. In practice, this means that the vessel can operate with assisted navigation in up to 60cm-thick ice. The tanker uses, naturally, Neste Oil’s low-sulphur MDO.

In designing ship-to-ship bunkering, Neste Oil has been in close collaboration with the experts at the Port of Helsinki. The bunker tanker can operate in all the dock slots at the Port of Helsinki and in various weather conditions.

When bunkering, the bunker tanker will be attached to the receiving ship, after which the fuel pipe is attached. The tanker is able to bunker at a rate of 200 cubic metres per hour, on average, i.e. 200,000 litres per hour. Large passenger ships may have fuel tanks the size of thousands of cubic metres, but especially on short journeys, it is more economical to tank relatively little at a time in order to avoid using up the vessel’s loading capacity for more than necessary.

The bunker tanker fills up its tanks at the refinery in Porvoo.

The new MDO marine diesel will protect the engines from soot because it burns a lot cleaner than traditional heavy fuel oil. In addition, the maintenance periods for the engine will become longer. The deployment of the new fuel requires only minor alterations to the engines.