5.12.2022 10:30:00 //
Kari Martiala
Kari Martiala

Finnlines’ new vessels in Vuosaari

The capacity of the new vessels is almost 40 per cent more than that of existing vessels.

The new ships will be able to carry a total of 300 trailers, 150 cars and 500 shipping containers.

“Finneco’s berth is also used by other vessels,” says Jukka Kallio, Vice President, Cargo.

The innovative, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly vessels will generate fewer emissions even when they are in port. At Vuosaari, this will be seen in features such as their battery technology. 

All of the new GG5G-class vessels will use next-generation electronically controlled engines that are powered by fossil fuels at sea and electricity at port. Electricity stored in lithium batteries can be used to meet the ship’s onboard energy needs. These batteries are charged while sailing, using axle generators and 600 square metres of solar panels.

The GG5G vessels are also equipped with exhaust gas cleaning systems to reduce sulphur and particulate emissions.