15.5.2022 09:21:29 //
Tarja Rannisto
Veikko Somerpuro

Environmental management certificate for the Port of Helsinki

The Port of Helsinki has been progressing steadily towards its environmental targets for many years. 

This hard work has now paid off in the form of a Port Environmental Review System (PERS) certificate.

The PERS includes the general requirements of recognised environmental management standards, such as ISO 14001, and the special characteristics of ports. It gives ports clear environmental objectives that are based on a principle of continuous development.

“Many demanding environmental targets must be achieved in order to gain this certificate, and we met the application criteria,” says Andreas Slotte, the Port of Helsinki’s Head of Sustainable Development.

“We engage in systematic environmental work, and continuously assess our achievements and set new targets. And these are exactly the criteria that must be met in order to obtain this certificate,” he says.

The PERS certificate is the only environmental management standard specifically targeted at ports. It has been issued to 35 ports to date.