27.5.2020 09:33:21 //
Soili Rajamäki
Mikael Kaplar

Environmental benefits from communications between Helsinki and Rotterdam

The Port of Helsinki has started to transmit real-time departure times of cargo ships to the busiest cargo port in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam. The goal of this collaboration is to achieve savings and reduce emissions from ship traffic. Timely logistics conserve the environment.

The busy Port of Rotterdam sees a high volume of time charter shipping without regular schedules. Hundreds of operators work together, and various functions are combined into an efficient, fast and safe logistics chain. Exchanging the schedule data with departure ports is an important project for the Port of Rotterdam: it can ensure that ships arrive exactly at the right time and do not need to wait for their turn.

– Discussions on exchanging schedule data started last summer when representatives of the Port of Rotterdam visited Helsinki. We were glad to participate in this international exchange of information, confirms Pekka Meronen, Port of Helsinki’s VP Finances, ICT and Development.

Even though digital transmissions do not require much effort technology-wise, this collaboration is particularly significant for the environment. Co-development fits the Port of Helsinki’s goal of pioneering sustainable development at harbours.

– The Port of Rotterdam’s schedule control allows ships to travel without hurry. When ships move slower, they also consume less fuel and produce fewer emissions. With the right timing, you can both save money and protect the environment, Meronen says.