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5.12.2022 09:40:00 //
Timo Kiiski
Port of Helsinki

Customer satisfaction at pre-pandemic levels

According to a survey conducted in the autumn, satisfaction with the Port of Helsinki was at a good level among its corporate customers and stakeholders. Passengers were also more satisfied than they had been before the pandemic.

Satisfaction with the Port of Helsinki’s operations is measured on a scale of 1 to 5 for corporate customers, stakeholders and passengers alike (1 = poor, 5 = excellent).

“The overall rating given by corporate customers and stakeholders in September 2022 rose to 3.94 – the highest it’s ever been,” says Nina Liljeqvist, Marketing Manager at the Port of Helsinki.

The survey asked respondents to assess the port’s activities over the past year. The majority were satisfied with the port’s current operations, although there was a slight year-on-year decline (-0.07) in the average success rate of all separately assessed factors (3.62).

“Our strengths were considered to be smooth and successful cooperation, customer-oriented service development, responsibility, sustainable development, and transparency. We’ve also succeeded in telling people about topical issues and our activities in social media.”

Yet there is still room for improvement in traffic arrangements, and particularly in cramped districts around city-centre harbours.

“We should streamline the gate systems and remove bottlenecks in the direction of downtown Helsinki. This has been something of an eternal problem year after year,” admits Liljeqvist.

This year, the overall satisfaction of passengers departing from Helsinki harbours was even higher than before the pandemic.

“The 2022 average up until October was a solid 4.13 (1= poor, 5 = excellent). The Olympia Terminal’s departure hall was given a facelift in spring 2022 with new services and sea views, and the results have been reflected in increased customer satisfaction,” says Marika Pauli, Head of Passenger Services and Property Development at the Port of Helsinki.

Marika Pauli
This year, the overall satisfaction of passengers departing from Helsinki harbours was even higher than before the pandemic. Marika Pauli, the manager responsible for the development of passenger services, celebrates

“Growing passenger numbers mean that we have to pay particular attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of our premises. Passenger needs have also been taken into account by extending the opening hours of restaurant and café services at several terminals. However, it’s also important to get local residents to use our restaurant services in addition to passengers,” says Pauli.

The Port of Helsinki’s passenger satisfaction survey was conducted by the research agency Red Note. The research and consulting firm Innolink measured the satisfaction of corporate customers and stakeholders.