Port of Helsinki
19.4.2021 09:52:04 //
Soili Rajamäki
Helsingin Satama; Roland Berger

The course of the Port of Helsinki’s digital development roadmap has now been reset

In future years, the efficiency of operations will be highlighted further, and digital solutions will be increasingly used to increase the efficiency of cargo transport chains or travel chains, for example. The Port of Helsinki is deeply invested in this development and updated its roadmap of digital projects early this year.

International management consultancy Roland Berger was brought in to help. They reviewed the existing research and background materials and interviewed the port’s own business experts and other specialists. The travel chains and use cases typical to the Port of Helsinki that could be further facilitated with digital solutions were reviewed and identified through workshops. 

Additionally, representatives of 15 different stakeholders from various shipyards, operators, large international ports, the City of Helsinki, different logistics companies and expert groups were interviewed in connection to the update.

Infograafi: projektissa oli mukana 6 osastoa ja se sisälsi 15 sidosryhmähaastattelua, yli 200 käyttötapausta verrokkitapauksista, ja yli 25 tuntia työpajatyöskentelyä.
Six departments took part in the project, which included 15 stakeholder interviews, more than 200 use cases from control cases and over 25 hours of workshops.

The roles and order of priority of various projects were assessed and it was then decided that 20 of the ongoing projects would be moved on top of the list of priorities, preferably to be implemented within the year. In addition to this, several new projects for future years were added to the list. 

“Comprehensive review work and customer interviews as well as benchmarking with competitors and stakeholders proved to us that we were on the right course. The projects and ideas we have worked on thus far have been well-founded and reasonable,” says Pekka Meronen, director of the Port of Helsinki’s Finances, ICT and Development department. 

New, feasible ideas of good utilisation targets also emerged as the work progressed.

“Another goal of the update work was to create a new kind of work method for implementing digital projects. We will focus even more heavily on project implementation and follow-through in the future.”